SM (12/26/1991 / Gary, Indiana)

Angel Of The Skies

I string the bow of my musical instrument
But my internal feelings are a bottled in sentiment
I tire of this world filled with love and hate
Makes me wonder if there is a such thing as a perfect soulmate
Time after time I come closer to my demise
Angel of the heavens, hear my cries
Pain travels through my skin layer after layer
There is only one person who can hear my prayers
To those who have looked down upon, I am not to kin
The blood of my scars has broken through my skin
My body is dying as the clock strikes midnight
I have no more energy or will left to fight
Bottled in tears of my feelings and hurt are contained
Because I will not let them escape even if I am screaming in pain
Thank you so much to the ones who've hurt me
My trust suffers another blow as the ones who care watch and see
Angel of the skies, please send someone to hear my screams
This agony, pain, hurt, and confusion are destroying my dreams
Inside me are too many built up tears
Uncontrolable feelings actually establish a fear
Someone find a way to reach these emotions so intangible
Just end this angel

by Sky McCoy

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WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOL, I LOVE THIS POEM. IM GIVE IT A 10. LOV YA