Angel On Your Shoulder

I’m just and angel on your shoulder
Trying to lend a hand
Hoping you can understand
I’ll try to inspire
For you to go one step higher
And that hard work is the start
I’m just an angel on your shoulder
Helping you to push the boulder
Up the mountain to the top
No struggles will make us stop
I’ll try to keep you moving
Making you keep proving
All the right that you are doing
I’m just an angel on your shoulder
I will try to be your sanctuary
Cause the road you travel isn’t ordinary
On the contrary
It may be more than tough
I know your spirit will be enough
To be still standing when it gets rough
I’m just an angel on your shoulder
And what I’m trying to transcend
Is that there is no need to pretend
What’s important is what you comprehend
So if you do an inner inspection
What you’ll see is a reflection
Of all the good you did making a connection
I’m just an angel on your shoulder
Take what I give you and learn
Cause learning is what we must yearn
Never forgetting to give back in return
Light the candle and it will burn
To light the way of where to turn

by Alfred Ramos

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Thank you angel.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !