RP (01-06-1971 / Columbus)

Angel's Above

As I look up at the sky
I wonder why
When all I prayed for
Was a little more time

You were my mother and my friend
I just can’t accept that this is the end
I know you were waiting for this day
But, am I selfish for wanting you to stay

Today I may sober, cry and moan
But, I know I will not be alone
There is family, friends, and loved ones to
Who will be sadden and simply blue

Sometimes you probably think I didn’t care
I was always praying for your life to be spared
Every time I saw you a little part of me died
My tears were so hard to hold inside

I know your eyes shined when you saw that heavenly man
My heart wanted to stop when he reached out for your hand
Now you are in heaven with all the angels above
Today we will celebrate on how much you were loved.

I miss you already and I wish you were here
It seems so empty with you up there.

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