Angel Voices In Echoic Conch Shells Singing.

Poem By Anthony Fry

Longing to see the snowdrops in those eyes.
Desires and hopes bewitch me, a vision divine.
Subtle dreams, of your enamoured beauty.
Half slumbering in loves sweet innocence.

Golden rays gleaming, shine from your face.
Passionate encounters, a kingdom in paradise.
My relief revealed, 'pleasure' I am forever thine.
Unending beauty ebbs, behold silver flames.

Angel voices in echoic conch shells singing.
My hand in yours linked, an eternal bonding.
A perfect awakening, from heaven springest.
Of pleasures rekindled, devouring your hot lips.

Together playing, strolling in distant meadows.
My beautiful sculptured chosen fountain of life.
Turtles hovering in our silent secret prayers.
Romantic nights made just for loving my angel.

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