One long fall day a women would pass
A young girl with an angelic mask.

She Got curious, so she just had to ask

'Whats your name'

she anwsered and answered, quite fast

'My name the same name as yours'
And her face seemed aghast

When she took off the mask only found herself.
The shadow came, and it came with stealth.
Only to ruin her health

In order to hide, she took off her head, and felt a great vibe.
The flame was now ash.
For her to forgive, she took on the mask,

One long fall day Soon BeCame Night
Like it was there to excite
She knew she was Wrong.
But Wrong was alright,

And after a while the mask was a found a relic.
The truth and a Lie Coincide, and she was far from angelic.

The Demons Hide w/ the Face like an Angle.
So Remember To laugh when your trying to strangle.

Har Har.

by Ron Farmer

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Definitely a bit creepy. Good work Ron.