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Angels up above me,
I wonder, can I ask.
If you'd do me a favour
And perform a special task.
Could you sprinkle down some Angel dust,
From Heaven, up above.
Then I'd know that I was getting,
A little bit of love.
From my special Angel,
In life, he was my man.
In death, I cannot see him,
So please do this if you can.
I'd be ever so grateful,
If you'd do this for me.
Because I'm feeling lonely,
Down here on Earth you see.

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Comments (4)

Hi Lizzy, Don't feel unloved, you are loved here on! This was so touching. Keep writing and emptying what is in your heart! Peace, Aisha
Lizzy, You've had so much saddness happen in your life, so much to deal with. Keep writing...
this is a very touching poem, i know how you feel, i think they watch over us everyday.....very inspiring danielle
I'm sure he's very proud of your talent. If I see any angel dust I'll send it your way. Hugs Anna xxx