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I love dwelling inside of this fantastic misery,
And yes I know that I am contradicting,
But I guess it must be the happy inside of me.
Let me take your hand and you can lead.

Ever since this sense of love washed over me.
I’ve been able to look up and see clearly.

The gray clouds are washed away by the sun,
And I know I’ll never have as much fun.
When I’m playing with this emotional love.
The blindfold has covered my eyes up.

I have never been able to see as good as I do.
Now I know I can win and wasn’t born to lose.
The words roll off your tongue and they sound so smooth.

I can’t help myself to lose myself in the calm water.
Look at what I’ve started, no longer am I broken hearted,
And I’m falling for you even harder.

No matter how hard I try I’ll never understand the look in your eye.
Girl I must’ve been so blind but now everything’s just fine.
I know I’m going to make you mine and that’s my sign.

by Josh Burnett

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