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Angels standing by my side
Angels standing far and wide
Angels watching over me
Angels as far as I can see.

I know my Angel is close by
I feel her there and you know why
She keeps me safe and secure
I know she’s there, of that I’m sure.

Angles watching over you
Even if you have no clue
They keep you safe until that time
Our Fathers says come home you’re mine.

Our Father knows we need protecting
He sends Angels and they’re respecting
Angels keep us under a dome
Until it’s time to bring us home.

A home that’s filled with God’s bright light
That gives us all a brand new sight
A sight that’s filled with our Lord’s love
A love he brings from up above.

So don’t you fear that you’re alone
Don’t sit and cry or sit and moan
Our Father keeps us safe you see
He loves us all, loves you and me.

He protects us all the time
With Angels guarding yours and mine.
When things look dark and you’re forlorn
He sends more Angels to adorn.

He brings us out into the light
His love gives us a brand new sight
He’s always with us this I know
For within, his love does grow.

My time will come, but until then
I know not how, I know not when.
Angels watching over me
Until my Lord I do see.

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I really like this poem.
Angels watching over me.....this Ladys voice of poetics I see.... Angel here an' Angels there.....fills her heart to show the care.......Well done