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M tired of seeking answers outside
Knowin well that they lie within…

M tired of talking
Knowin well that words r least effective communicator..

M tired of runnin
Knowin well that it’s like a treadmill
N m not reaching anywhere…

M tired of chasing
An illusion
Knowin well that its nothing more than a mirage..

M tired of learning
The hard ways…
Knowin well that it’s the best form of learning….

But m glad that
There’s a helping hand
To hold on ….
Which is so strong..
It may b invisible
But can do miracles…

M glad that
God has blessed me
Wid company of angels
To make me human….

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wow! ! a saintly expression! 'we are not human beings practicing to be spiritual but we are spiritual beings practicing to be humans'! ! ! excellent write! 10+++++++++++++++
We have two voices, our ego and our own true self, if we listen to the latter our life will always be a happy one. Keep asking questions, keep writing.
Life is mirror your and angel that is others seem to be angel
your heart lies in the angles hands to god my fear what ever i just said it means something haha XD
God has blessed with with angels that's true, but if we ourselves live as angels do, imagine how beautiful the world would be, no violence, no pain- harmonious would be the people, and me: -) You rock too, buddy! !
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