Angels Belong To The Skies

I am not an angel and I never claimed to be one
I look for shelter in the rain and I burn in the sun

It is not a hard equation, it is time for you to decide
Love or leave me but I am tired from the times I have tried

I am a human with proud mistakes, not the angel you want me to be.
I am who and what I am, not the angel you're looking for in me.

Say the words you want to say, say them now don't wait a while
I tell myself I love you not, but I know I am living in denial

I can see in your eyes ambiguity and I know the longing look in mine
my heart is losing its pace and its beats are rushing helplessly through time

I am not an angel, for when I try to fly; my wings fall to the ground
and the gravity pulls down my tears and I have fears from screaming sounds

Every time I try to change for you I lose a piece of my soul,
every time you leave me behind I lose myself as a whole.

by Ayesha Sartawi

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