Angels Calling

I hear angels calling me inside my head
Are they here to raise me from the dead
If it’s true they’re calling
Then I must be falling
Farther than I dread
Death is just around an echo’s end
But I don’t dare look around the bend
I not ready to go under
Don’t want to hear the thunder
Until then I‘ll just pretend
I tempted fate too many times
Now I’m paying for the crimes
I can feel a chill
Testing my everyday will
In the backdropp a church bell chimes
I can hear Gabriel’s trumpet blaring
The melancholy sound that it’s declaring
If it’s my song
Something is wrong
Is there something that needs repairing
Is there a dead end down the road ahead
How much more fear can be spread
Has my resting place been chosen
All my dreams appear frozen
Must I choose the afterlife instead
I hear the angels calling my name out loud
But I don’t want to join their mystical crowd
I just need more time
For this hole that I must climb
Because up to now, of the life I lived, I’m proud

by Alfred Ramos

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