Angels Fall

Poem By Andy Greenwald

Burned by the utmost fire
Of rotten desire,
I find myself in awe.
The pain of a liar
Set up for higher
The worst vision I'd saw.
How vital the visage
To say the message
Came to me too late.
Hinted by your age
Sent to me this rage
Of rage so innate.
Hand to me a glory
Of my depressing story,
That love I soon forgot.
My heart now too gory
For a mind to overworry
About my life so distraught.
Truth, I plead for and sow
Now reap I do to behold
How my story stalls.
As this heart I have at low
Give me the strength to know
Why did my angels fall?

Comments about Angels Fall

I liked this poem... A song?
very intersting poem - a good read with an excellent use of language and flow, Steve

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