Angels (For My Doctors)

some people, i met,
are honest & sincere, i bet.
their faces shine with smiles,
they take pleasure in saving lives.

by Arfa Iris Click to read full poem

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hey take pleasure in saving lives. their service is like running rivers, they are known as peace givers, to serve human is their only dream. they are the angels. very true if the doctors are not money minded. there are also people who tell just the opposite of doctors. you present the beauty of selfless service. thank you. tony
Your heart is so clean and sincere.
A sincere acknowledgement to good people.
personal experiences find a natural foregrounding...fabulous dear! ! ! luv Hribhu
Hi, Arfa! I liked your write regd your doctors, but unfortunately not all are the same....some are so selfish and mean and have come in the wrong stream, shud hv been businessmen and I strongly condemn such doctors...had the doctor acted upon time my father's life could have been saved, mayb, but he insisted that since we didnt admit him to his hospital he wasnt interested in even giving his case a look at a time when my father was struggling between life and death
a nice poem that has given me an inspiration to become a doctor someday soon: -)
very nice poem it touch my heart