(1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

Angels Hands Tied

A knot can be tied by angels, what hinders an Angel’s voice?
Idolatry is~ loves the world more than God’s free-will choice.
You’ll tie hands of Angels if obstructing God’s written Word.
Give no voice to fears but Faith; think not His word’s absurd.

Really, Angels do fly~ because they take themselves lightly.
Their hand is also tied from voiced fears acted so slightly.
Minus caring ones who act from selfless heart of empathy.
Seems only those who’ve been down that road see reality.

Some Angels are assigned at gates, but they can truly get bored.
Many are quite overworked, for the ignorance of man; oh Lord.
They are Holy messengers of His Highest glory, differing in jobs.
Each child had one given to them for awhile, before hellish sobs.

Entreat Angels with care although they're oft' hid from view.
Respect forms carefully caring words to invest in God’s glue.
That glue is of special ingredients of forgiveness and humility.
It rises to the top like yeast in bread, void of hate, for longevity.

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