Angels Must Exist

I tried to spread my wings and fly
But I crashed into a wall
It seems like every time I try
I fail and then I fall

I tried to keep on moving
I tried to rise up from the ground
But something kept on pulling me
And throwing me back down.

My wings seem to be broken
Shattered beyond repair
But the moment I was giving up
I saw him standing there.

He looked at me and smiled
And my wings started to mend.
He said, “It’s okay if you stumble,
But you have to try again

He said to keep attempting
Despite of all these things.
I told him I was scared to fly
And he whispered, “I have wings.”

So once again, I rose back up
And started to let go
Of the things I was holding on to
And I slowly started to float.

He was flying right beside me
Making sure I didn’t fall
He was holding tightly on my hand
And not once let go at all.

I told him the sky was high enough
We would pass the limit soon.
He said, “Don’t say the sky’s the limit,
When there are footprints on the moon.”

The moment we started landing
He leaned over and gave me a kiss.
And his smile reassured me
That angels must exist.

by Crystal Johnson

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Comments (3)

Crystal a delight to read, very expressive. Well done. Angie
I want you to know you are never alone, no matter what you go through or how you feel, i will always be here to hold your hand when you need me to. I will make sure you dont fall. Together we can make it through anything. I love ya lots and i am very proud of you your mom
This was great Crystal! I think we both have wings on our minds today! What a beautiful poem! Sincerely, Mary