Memories Is All I Have

Memories is all I have
of things we did or said
The memories they are but few
They flash inside my head
I wished I had some more
To savor and embrace
But few they are I know
Reminds me of her grace
Are memories enough
And can they warm my heart
When lonely days are cold
And thoughts of us apart
I think they may just help
A little each one will
Reminds me how I was
Her silent lover still

by Bradley Lester

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I just adore this poem (apart from the last line - which we'll just draw a discreet veil over) . Our children are the stars of today - yes absolutely, my personal opinion is that Crystal has put her finger on it so succinctly. We adults always drone on about children being the stars of tomorrow. No they're not. They are our bright and wonderful stars of today who light up our humdrum lives with their innocent play. Why do we feel the need to value them only for what they may add to the adult world tomorrow?