Angels On The Clouds

Poem By Kate Wiley

Outlined against the blue so very deep
With bare feet planted firmly on the clouds
The angels furled their robes in glorious sweep.
They graced the sky with multitudes, their proud
Sweet hosts of voices blending with the wind;
They sang a melody so pure, so true
It rang afar with breath of angelkind.
Endowed with drifts of multicolored hue
They stood-I saw them there, and as they rang
Earth's face with Heaven's psaltery of sound,
Transfixed, I watched and listened as again
With lifted arms they raised their noble crowns;
Triumphantly their golden trumpets played.
Triumphantly their golden trumpets played.

Comments about Angels On The Clouds

Kate, You have such a poetic voice...I think my friends Doris and Clara (the girls in my trio) were in your angel's choir. 10!
a very well written with explicit pictures of the minds...
I would say that this is a triumphant piece in it-self Kate Great words 10..without fail Love duncan X
What a lovely piece of writing Kate, it flows beautifully and is full of imagery, thanks for sharing, Lynda xx
The song of the angels that lifts the heart and soul above the cares of this mortal world. Visually beautiful, spiritually inspiring. You are indeed a poet worthy of the name. Warmest regards, Sandra

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