Just A Question...

I wonder...

Is there a possibility of the mind
to keep the purity of love
from the 'source'
when it is corrupted by thought,
the image built,
the 'I', the ambition,
greed, security, fear,
confined intelligence that serves
unintelligent intent
and all these that consume us,
that created the chaos and disharmony
and therefore resist the purity and wholeness of love?

(a question that arise and inspired by
Suzanne Hayasaki's poem on PH ' Be still' which coincidentally has same title of my poem 'be still')

by Alice Cuenca

Comments (15)

This is both beautiful and painful to read Joan, Your love does not stop there, it goes with them EVERYWHERE! ! ! Love duncan X
These heartfelt lines remind me of the day I left my firstborn at kindergarten for the first time. There is nothing quite so poignant as the pleading eyes of a child about to be parted from its mother. A very moving piece. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
“Mama, can you put us in your luggage? ”...reminds me of the child who thought that he could just ask Santa to bring his late sibling back. We do what we can, and that usually adds up to what is available. One day your precious offspring will thank you for what they are going thru now. In the meantime, the hurt does not diminish. neither for them nor for you. Nice write, but could offer more pain when you see fit to 'talk about it.'
A deeply felt poem. One from the heart.
Oh what a tearful true by the alienation heart bleeds incessant by the pricks of sorrow saddled soul yet stares back to tiny souls apart longing the lap of love smitten of legacy........................yet painful tears from a true soul, terribly hurtful, great write,10+, thanks for sharing
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