Feathers Of Crystal

Dull throbs and constant aches,
She's drowning in vast crimson lakes.
A life shattered by hate,
And driven by love.
She's fallen to fate,
Who treats her like a glove.

Vibrant colors and continuous laughter,
He's swimming in clear blue water.
Living with ignorance,
Thinking it's bliss,
He needs something other than compliance,
He needs a hit and miss.

Delicate pain and agonizing joy,
They can't see that they are just a toy.
Thriving in the inland,
Dying out on the coastal.
They can do nothing more than stand,
With their delicate Feathers of Crystal.

by Kiera Price

Comments (21)

Congrats! A beautiful short poem, yes God is within us and closer than anyone else.
And let your fears go.. He is close, ever so.. ...... congratulations on this excellently done, thanks for sharing
A wonderful spiritual write full of tenderness. It fuels us to dream and gives hope and light. Beautifully written. Congratulations!
A beautiful poem for member poem of the day. Congratulations my friend. You write beautifully!
Many congratulations for this wonderful poem being chosen as POD....10
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