Cosmic Dementia

Everything blends
Dissolving and combining
Before my eyes
Within my head
Another’s name comes out
Of my mouth when we meet
Letters become numbers
And numbers swim and switch
Colors change
How do I read traffic lights
Shapes change, faces melt
How do I know
If you are man or woman
My relation or a stranger
I cannot distinguish
Pleasure from pain
Sensations flow
Sometimes get stuck
As years fly by
I am young again
And usually happy
Sometimes sad
Without thought
Glad there is
No difference
Between living
And dying
Always curious
Filled with love
Even when I must
Mock up anger
More amused
Than anything

by Sheila Burns

Comments (11)

You see thru anger as good as a psychologist and declaring weak. great Sally
I’ve often heard that anger is a negative, thus unhealthy emotion. If one gets angry, he should not stay angry, but release it. Good poem.
Good poem on anger. Read mine - Anger's Friend - Adeline
Excellent poem about anger, so true x
Add one D and see what anger becomes? ... thanks sharing… Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
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