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MS (10/04/1975 / Martinez, CA)


Try as I might –
I cannot. But spite.

Spite over-rules my every being,
until all is completely seeing.

Seeing the light within me
is all I ask to be.
To be free of the anger
-that consumes my being
until all is completely seeing.

The fire within me
consumes me to be
consuming over everyone else – you see?

Have you ever been so consumed
with anger so great that you fumed?

Where does this anger come
moreover, what does it ask for ransom?
It asks for my soul –
my every being and all.

The anger does not stop
until everything is consumed to the top.

From the tips of my toes
to the top of my head
it swirls and bubbles in me instead.

I wish that instead it would disappear,
however, every time I ask that, it would reappear.

Its ruthless rebellion within me,
asks me not to flee.
It asks me to give in and consume
my life, my soul, and everything.
Until all I have left is – nothing.

Not even the memory of me
-will be left.
Only remnants of someone
that was once in a drift.

I do not want that – Do I?

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