SH (1982 / Florida)


The sadness gives way to anger so quickly,
I vaguely remember having loved you once,
I vaguely remember you loving me.

I remember the pain, the hurt, and so many tears.
But it’s hard to remember our happy years.

I see your back to me, your cold stare, you walking away.
I hear your disdain, your lack of concern, your hateful words.

I see you not caring that your kids long for you.
I hear them cry “Where’s my Daddy? ” “If not now, when? ”
I know not what to say. This is not how things should have been.

I see you walk on to a new life. A life of fun and freedom that I just can not give. A life that doesn’t include your wife and your kids.

I hear you say you love me and that I mean the world to you. But, I see you leaving us behind for something exciting and new.

I hear you using your anger as an excuse to shirk the responsibilities you made.
You don’t even care what that means for us. You do not value the love we gave.

You don’t know what it’s like to see tears in her eyes and try to explain that Daddy changed his mind.

These poor kids, used to seeing you everyday, convinced as I was that you loved them and would never leave.
I’m kicking myself for your dedication and commitment, your lies that I believed.

I see you convincing yourself that you aren’t wrong, that the decisions you’re making are for the best.
But, it’s just that. You’re trying to CONVINCE yourself that you aren’t like the rest.

by Stacey HudakGrant

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