When you think in anger
You think in anger's terms
When you walk in anger
You carry anger's germs

Angry habits in daily life
Color all you see
And paint a hostile world
And brings it home to thee

Anger spent toward friend and foe
Creates a shaky stand
What do you expect of them
When you need a helping hand?

Perfection's anger a small weak twig
Upon which to gravitate
Your foaming fuming judgements
All flaws that welcome hate

Resentments wound and bite down deep
And rip a gaping tear
Those o'er who you're brooding
Are likely unaware

Teeming hateful thoughts
About one's lot in life
Too often unacompanied
By doing what is right

Flailing at a rock
Or a tree or stick or two
Are foolish and destructive acts
Whose value is yet to prove

Angry folks carry tales
In tight tormented faces
One can tell they're unaware
Of softer gentler places

An angry body's sick
Ask his tum and heart
Of these destructive states
It's best to have no part

We all have little angers
That churn around inside
It's those savored bitter angers
That leave no room to hide

by Ray Andrews

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