KA (May,14 / Pensylvannia)


I feel this anger building up,
its dwelling inside of me.
i tell it to go away,
but it says its hiding inside of me.

It makes me argue all day with the pain i feel inside,
it makes me wanna put out,
or just get high.

But at the end of the day,
when i lay there and cry,
i wanna put the gun to my head,
but i don't wanna die.

My life ain't a lie,
i keep it for this.
Stop trying to kill me,
stop trying to dis.

Because this anger is building up,
it's dwelling inside of me,
it wont go away,
but it's growing inside of me.

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Hopefully your writing will provide you with an outlet.: -) This is well written in the sense that it is very expressive, but perhaps you could even out the stanzas. That would give it a better feel.