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Anger Epidemic
EM (January 23,1990 / )

Anger Epidemic

Poem By Emily Myers

A yellow, metal sky, sketched with streaks of heaven
Faded clouds, once white and bright, now drift by dull and jaded
Steel mill flames illuminate the tarnished sky with rosy heat
Embers die and simply lie, smoldering defeat
A young girl stands and listens to the static silence of her dreams
She was blinded by the anger and deafened by the screams
Her mother once had dreams for her; her father, he had hope
But now her life is tainted by dingy streets and sultry smoke
Brown hair hangs down upon her face, veiling echoes of her past
Anger and betrayal have killed her fragile soul and made it black
Skin and bones cover up the bitter wounds that never faded
Once again the clouds pass by, rain falling on the pavement

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