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Anger, Hurt & Betrayl
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Anger, Hurt & Betrayl

Poem By Rachel Fogle

So many time's I've blamed myself for the out come of you & me.
And all along I realize I was just to blind to see that.
That Anger at myself for allowing you to brake the most precious part of myself that I swore I wouldn't take.

Then came the hurt that you of all people could turn around and be so cruel & fickle.

You walked into my life, claiming to be a man.
You said I will be the one who would always hold your hand.
Then in a moment when something was just not right you turned your back on me and refuse to even try and fight.
For the love that we had created and the trust I thought was there,
No you just said it's over and I'm sorry but I'm not your man.

Then in a whisper you ask me to understand that you made a mistake and that for that I should understand.

And everyday of everynite I have have tried to do just that and the one thing I come back to is your cold & heartless act.

You did not come to be because you cared,
Or because you wanted ME.
You came to ME because you were lonely and things were bad in your life.

So, Betrayal was your choice and that's just what you did.
When you walked into my life and saw fit to throw it to the wind.

You will NEVER begin yo know,
The heartache that you've caused because to you I was nothing.
Only the means to your cause.

What one man took 6yrs to do, you did in 6months.
Maybe because I allowed myself to love you and gave you way to much.

I will accept my part and know that in my life,
No man will ever be able to enter my heart without a serious fight.

You have took away every faith that I ever once had in men.
You have destroyed my heart and betrayed your best friend.

I hope that you can be content in knowing this,
And that your road to salvation is long.

Because I can never forgive you even though I know that's wrong.

But, I am the one who's hurt and the one who was betrayed.

While you continue on and could care less about the tears you've made.


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