JK (january 04,1983 / dulag, leyte)

Anger In My Heart

If heart could only speak, I guess it will never be break
But since it only beats that dictates the mind what it means
Through the tongue that choose the right words to speak.

Anger in my heart that remain unspoken
Just like a balloon that waits the right time to explode
The heart that wants to shout to the world and
relieved from its pain
Just like a thorn that prick to fingers, and blood came

Anger in my heart that fears to come out by saying,
tends to let the tears falling
Wants to be violent and hold things to be thrown
but keep controlling
With the use of the hand to hurt but decides
to take a firm grip.

A heart that full of anger could make it burst
Just like a boiling soup that pours out
And like a kerosine that flows to the coal that
causes fire to burn.

by Judith Kempis

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Awesome work. Great sentiments with nice style. Great write indeed. I rate it 10. TFS. Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2