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Anger Is Strong

• Anger is strong
• October 21,2015 8: 45am
• When you're angry your state of mind feels like it's strong with full of hate and power inside. The way people feel when they are angry they feel lost and when you are lost and confused and you give in to hate then your lost can cost you a lot.
• Fear leads to Anger
• Anger leads to Hate
• Hate leads to suffer and possibly death.
• When you're angry you are not you anymore you're just a monster allowing it to control your positive self. I hide my anger inside by not showing it but keeping it calm and unharm because if you show it then it can escalate by causing a lot of damage in your fate. The state of emotions is something that a person can or cannot control when they are down. When you can't control it your mind dreams into an angry frown that lies into a broken heart inside and an awful lost face. Anger isn't the way its so strong that it leads to the wrong things that can lose everything you pleasure and love for. Anger hurts, Anger is pain, Anger kills your broken veins. The negative force of Anger is a force of the dark side that blocks the spark light and makes you evil and wicked as a person that has barely goodness inside.
• Anger is strong
• Anger is wrong

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