Anger Problems

british tv
a good tv or two or three
to lose my pickings
constant refill of daily supplies
don't make a cheap list
my house that's no longer in the works
nothing missed to be figurative on
honesty, less victimization
pleasing solitude where my parents count
your encouraged progress
repetitive gain, anger management with a vanishing effect
it's knowledge of the light switch
fulfilling list on a matrix between pizza and beer
thick skin made with fluoride, remember oven ad
just because I want a dog can't mean I like a bitch
no, you go to a dentist
nothing too much without the special balance, you see
Serena Williams (okay, maybe I'm dreaming)
dumb luck, good luck, bad luck, my luck, your luck, just luck
silly opposition over food every time
to be touchy, not merely fleshy
there's a race, verdict which doesn't become false later
remodels eventually; wait, heart valves
stupid pills this morning when I take a hike
don't say calm down if you dismiss all power
orange juice, not OJ
steak knives, perception along logic, chicken and rice
exercises: logical, physical
not sin of forgetting rage
if there's a bar near the kitchen we need stools
purple bed with stuff, sexual exaggerations
gingerbread, bijouterie, electromagnetic sphere
bad memory of the passing stone
what's life with no pleasure?it's then no life

by Alexander Julian

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