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Anger, Stress, Depression
GG (10/16/90 / San Diego, Ca)

Anger, Stress, Depression

Poem By Gilberto Gonzalez

Anger, stress, and depression feelings that can break down any person
Sometimes they make us forget everyday is a blessing
Feeling down, feeling blue one direction one color in mind
So many questions yet answers are hard to find
Ambitions and dreams lay in graves of a past foundation
Daily tasks and conversations are now complications
Oh does the nine look ever inviting
The trigger comforts the index finger
One squeeze and its all over
Troubles will be splattered all over the wall
Maybe then everyone will know exactly what goes on inside my head
Too bad its because I'll be dead
What if I would have reached out
Talked to family called a friend
Maybe then I could have told them about the thoughts in my head
Quick to jump to a permanent conclusion
Perhaps not the best for any solution
Anger, stress, depression can it all be an illusion
Poisoned thoughts sent as a delusion
Brought upon by an evil force
Rise above take a breath become strong
Ask for help it's there all along

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