VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

Anger The Killer Opium

Anger the enemy within
The killer opium
Destroys all your spirits
It's tool of a coward
Which never redeem us

Anger is a slow poison
Distant our friends
Near the foes
Mind sleeps
When you are angry

Anger makes you blind
Never distinguish
The real from the reel
Know your flaws
Learn to strengthen
Your weaknesses

Anger forces you
To judge and point others
Rather restoring your peace
And healing your wounds
Measure your words to
Whom you treasure
Learn to love than hurt

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Comments (3)

Yes! 'Learn to love than hurt'. Nice piece of work.
Hunger is taste of food, Anger is waste of blood. Well expressed about anger mam, please refer to my poem on anger.
It's so true that certain people intoxicate themselves with anger, and where does it get them? Habitual outbursts of anger not only lower one's EQ, they will eventually lower one's IQ. I really like the telling wordplay of real and reel. I have never seen that pun used meaningfully, as it is here.