Angie Bells Shit Doesn'T Stink? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

There’s this girl on here named Angie Bells
Who thinks her shit doesn’t smell
She thinks the whole site revolves around her
And the Christians are lower than dirt

She lives in sick sad demented state
She’s evil and cruel and has no faith
She drinks herself silly everyday
And thinks that everyone should live this way

I wonder what brought her to this point
Maybe when she was young she smoked too many joints
Or maybe she’s just an alcoholic mess
And wants the whole world like her…depressed! !

Either way it really is sad
To think that someone can turn out so bad
But to all of the Christians here on this site
Write away, write away we’ll win the fight! ! ! !

by A.M. James

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Jesus asked us to love and forgive never to strike out in hate even at those who hate us. I pray he gives you an understanding heart and peaceful spirit.
I just read one of her poems about Mother Mary. This girl is satanic to say the least. I can't beleive this site puts up with postings like that. I don't write myself but enjoy reading I know I won't be looking at any more of her trash! Good job on this I gave you a 10 Jenny