Angle Of Death

Poem By Jessica Losoya

The Angle of Death takes our loved ones away,
He takes our mothers, our fathers, our husbands, and wifes,
He takes our children that are all to young to die, He puts the world through sorrow and pain,
He bracks us down where we can't take the pain, till tears run down our face,
Then we start to wonder of Death and Life, is this worth it all, to live then to die, to love some one and then lose them,
The Angle of Death puts these thoughts in our minds,
He wants us to wonder, to think of whats inside,
Maybe it's a lesson to be thought, so should we lisson and learn or wonder through our lives

Comments about Angle Of Death

i thank death is a good thing but i love this poem
That is so true Jessica, the Angel of Death is unpredictable, good write
I am not sure what to say, other that it is our destiny

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