Angle’s Voice

Poem By vijay gupta

Angle’s voice
Poetry is a dream,
Thinking & imagination of a man, he may be called the poet.
He is surrounded by the society.
Society is entrapped in problems.
Every one is aware for its future.
We are ignoring social & common interest of the society in comparison of our own.
It is called the individualism.
We are busy in collecting money & physical commodities.
It is the ultimate goal of so many people in this world.
They are running very fast as much as they can to achieve this goal.
In this race some succeed
Few get little success
& so many remains unlucky.
Chances are rare in comparison to its demand.
Now question arises how we can overcome on these problems.
Poetry is a light
It shows the path to the society.
So read the poetry & care it.
It will be proved as a vital force & energy to this world.
It may be called the angel’s voice.

Comments about Angle’s Voice

Wise words these. People are so busy working so hard to provide for their families better future and in the process, they are forced to think only for themselves. Poetry helps to communicate this message in a subtle way to make the society a better place. If all the people have enough food, proper shelter, live a good life, the World would be a paradise..............................
Very good poem Gupta ji. I feel strongly that poets have social responsibility. If time permits please read my poems 'WE DEFY BARRIERS' etc. I hope u like them. with regards, sathya

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