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Its hard for me to swallow,
Have to force it down,
Tears cloud my sight,
Cant shed a tear,
wont shed a tear.

I tremble yet not cold,
I catch myself breathe deeply,
Not much fury let out,
My eyes waiting to pour,
Cant let them win,
Wont let them see.

My chest heavy,
Every breath I take, my throat aches,
Trying to figure out this life,
Yea, tomorrow will be better,
I heard it before,
Why should today hurt so bad?

My head can't contain this anger,
My heart wants to absorb this confusion,
Raptured, I want to SCREAM!
Will this madness ever end?
Violated, my eyelids flutter,
All in an effort not to cry.

Later on, digging at my chocolate ice cream,
Savouring every bit of taste,
In place there's hope instead of seething anger,
I might actually feel better.

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This is a good piece lamera...mete kwede anyim
Susan - When we allow ourselves to become angry, we lose our perspective, and usually the argument. Controlling our emotions, also mean releasing them, letting them go. Not easy to do though. This is well written. Blessings - Cheryl
Hey, a little chocolate ice-cream always helps..........I'll agree with that. Very nice poem Susan. Sincerely, Mary