CH (26 April 1967 / Redlands-California)

Angry Letters

I've been hurt sometime ago,
it started early on-
I don't know why they chose me,
but I feel I can't go on.

I sit and wonder,
what I did to deserve this.
Then I think to myself,
everything is amiss.

You told me once that you loved me,
the next time-you beat me up.
I really believed that you loved me,
but now you make me throw up!

I'm locked inside my own prison-
for you have put me there.
Someday, I will be released,
because someday out there cares!

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Comments (3)

I think we lock ourselves in those prisons. Only we hold the key and don't realize it. Very nice work. Sincerely, Mary
Should that be 'someone' in the last line Christine? As far as I can see, the someone who should care most is you. Good poem. Get out of jail be free card, Tai
Never a truer word spoken. Great write. Esra Sloblock