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Angry Poem
BC (2-8-90 / Virginia)

Angry Poem

Poem By Bekie Carroll

im gonna kill you all
everyone who wade me fall
those who helped me back up
have their lives to live
but all others have
suffering pain torture and blood
left in thier short helpless lives
i will slit every throat
i will chop off every cock
i will slowly drag knives all over thier frail bodies
and mutilate them for days slowly killing them
every day filled with pain
they will hang from their hair
and look down at nothing but a puddle of their own cold dark evil blood
i may sound evil
i may sound possesed
i may look to be a killer
i may look mean
but im only a strong woman who gets her fuckin revenge
anyone whop showed love to me
and helped me to get by
will keep their precious lives


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Comments (2)

hehe i love you bekie.... :)
my favorite (of the ones i've read) lol its hottness laters