Angry Wind

The wind came to me
Hiding in the shadows
Like a dirt devil
With octopus arms
Trying to bind me with the obvious
The wind so light on its feet
Ran by me making mewling whispers
As it swiped across my face
As if slipping into a sleepy dream
With a thousand eyes
I watched every move
The aroma of roses and honey
Surrounded my senses
Yet unworthy of God’s ear
To hear the truth wrapped in tatters
In a cage of social standing
Turning into a whirlwind
A rivulet of sharp kisses
Meant for no one in particular
The wild wind
Stood its ground
Silence not an option
I could not anchor my thoughts
I would not win this conversation
Anger is as anger does

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (2)

i loved the way u have played with the words.............nice! !
Powerful personification that brings the angy wind to life. Great write 10/10