JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)


I wish I'd have done the things
I should have, when I should have.
Looking back, we're told we shouldn't -
I could have done better - been kinder -
talked less - listened more - shared more.

But life is a learning process.
Aren't we all students?
I wonder what my marks will be at the end?

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Were all students I agree. We never stop learning. We learn something every day. I like to think that no one has ever seen it or know it all. Until the day they die, because that is the life they've lived. A really fine poem. Bien!
...thank you Valsa, for your much appreciated comment
It's a simple but highly thought provoking piece! A perennial angst to know how others rate us will certainly ward us off many an evil
A lesson for all.Life is an eternal school for man.But it is never late until it is over.
This piece of writing is food for thought.
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