Anguish is the pain that most rarely feel
It’s the aftermath in your mind of what you’ve done
It’s that smile on the outside, but a sob within
It’s what drives people to believe in a thing that never was
It’s the thing that lets you know you are alone until your demise
Despite all this, in a sick way it’s a gift
It strengthens your heart
It makes you brave
It beats at you until you are a soldier
Ready for the bloodshed
Ready to stop it. Prevent it
It is your teacher
So use the knowledge it has given you
And after you’ve learned you can be happy
Happy from the pain, sorrow, tradity and betrayal
They don’t cause deaths
They cause growth of heart and soul
They don’t trick you like blissful numbness does
They let you know
Everything will be alright
And this is why I cherish them
Thank you for all the lessons
They have made me strong
Thank you
By: Jacquelynn Bobbs

by Jacquelynn Bobbs

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