Beautiful Anne
likes pastries,
cream puffs, almond tarts
and sweet croissants
with marzipan

When she sees them
in the bakery’s window
she cannot pass by
with her eyes open
she is so nervous.

Anne is also fond of music
especially Mozart
made of milky chocolate
She likes sweet roses and truffles
and when she is sad,
devours dolce de leche
with passion.
Every morning
she goes to… Montparnasse
sits in a cafe
and eats pastries.

She loves meringues,
torts, cakes, cookies
and caffe americano.

Pigeons surround her,
nod their heads,
florists, flowers,
students with pleasure
read poems.
I stand
with eyes fixed on her
and Anne … eats pastries.

It is like this every year
until dusk
and at night…
At night the lovers come
and also eat pastries.

by Marek Swierad

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