# Anika's Birthday Party

At Anika’s birthday party,
The children in their finery
Were running about excited,

Proudly displaying
Their tattoos.

In the corner,
Sat a young boy
With his water colours.

Painting dainty designs
On outstretched arms.
As children patiently,
Waited for their turn
In a line.

I too was tempted
To get one on my wrist.
At first i hesitated
What will everyone think?

I couldn’t hold back my excitement,
Tentatively I went
Up to him and asked,
If he would paint
The most colourful butterfly
On my wrist.

Fascinated I watched
As it came out alive.

Soon, what did I see?
Other adults were
Queuing up
Behind me.

I wondered, Why do we
Suppress the
Child in us
As we grow into adults?

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (3)

mamtaji, poet is a child... with mind and heart wide open... but.... 10 votes... anika is a wonderful name... success everywhere! ! ! ! ! ! !
Its said - 'If it seems a childish thing to do, Do it in remembrance that you are a child.' You have done it so. The child in you cherished. Nice one. Thank you
What an honest and simple expression..It is quite intresting, even i wonder why ppl hold back. We ought to live one life to the fullest without the fear of being mocked by the world.