Animal Cracker's

Can you enjoy a meal,
If it ain't your Cat.
Is he mad as a Dog,
or blind as a Bat.

Could he be Chicken,
Doing a gig.
Roars like a Lion;
and snorts like a Pig.

Perhaps he's

Mean as a Bear
Sly as a Fox
Quiet as a Mouse.
Or big as an Ox.

If I wonder anymore,
what he might be.
Would he fly like a Bird
or sting like a Bee

This has probably been done,
One way, or another.
Guess I better eat my words,
Before they turn to Butter,

by Christine Kerr

Comments (3)

A frolicking enjoyable read, just letting your imagination go. I wonder what children do and say when they are eating animal crackers. They could be having a lot of fun.
hey Chris... i remember it like yesterday, .... that i read this piece.. what happen to all the comments you got.. u deleted them, ? .... recently out of anger i deleted few of mine too.. i mean i write poems for people here in my university and they back away from me.. how the hell i m suppose to feel.. when u dedicate a poem to a person. what matters is the response of that person... isn't it? ... and you are my first friend here and i will i will never forget you.. you are the enchanting angel that danced with me when i came to site as a dying fish.. u remember those days...! ! ! i consider my best friends to be angels.. and u r an one indeed.... with lots of love shan
this is beautiful as can be, and i'm glad you're not muhammid alli for i do not want to be stung like a bee. another ten on this one