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Animal Crime School

I visited an animal crime school last night
I said to myself “Oh my gosh, What a sight! ”
I peeked in the window and saw animals reading books.
The books were on learning to be dirty rotten crooks!
The Kitten was teaching the babies to steal
They looked healthy and pudgy, not lacking a meal.
Kitten read from a pink notebook of pranks.
She said, “This is how we can rob all the banks.”
“Doggy you have a hammer to open the door
Piggy has the wood. HMM, I’m not sure what that’s for.
Lucky Duck has the bin to put the money in.
Piggy will carry it, skunky’s too thin.”
Kitten pointed to each one with a paintbrush.
“Now this is a secret so everyone hush.
What’s the matter little skunky you look a little sad? ”
Skunky looked up and said “Isn’t stealing bad? ’
Kitten looked down and said, “This whole idea was mine
“It’s the only way I know to get our school a sign.”
I stood up to the door with a brave little knock.
The animals looked up with surprise and shock.
I opened the door and said, “Excuse me you guys.
“But the best kind of sign is not the kind that you buy.”
Kitten shook her head and said, “I know it sounds funny,
But animals have a hard time making real money.
Kitten thought hard and said, “If you want something you can’t just take it.”
Kitten smiled large and said “I think we could make it! ”
Piggy laughed hard “I don’t think that we can.
All we have is some wood a bin and a pen.”
Kitten smiled and stated Eureka! I’ve got it! ”
We can make our own sign! So hurry lets start it!
Piggy the wood! I’ve got my paint brush right here!
When we are done we can hang it right there.”
Before I could blink the babies hurried around
They worked and worked making busy work sounds.
“Hooray! ” Cried doggy and all I could see
Was a circle of friends surrounding Skunky.
In his hands was a work of art “The Sign”
I’m so proud of this because its’ yours and it’s mine.
Lucky pushed the bin to the front door
Kitten climbed up “I can do this I’m sure.”
Doggy passed the hammer to Kitten this time
“Ohhh Ahhhh EEEE” Our Sign Our sign!
I visited an animal Sign school last night
I made lots of friends who now in the daylight
Can look at their sign and feel good inside,
as it was made with honesty and pride.

(Animal Crime School and Other Fun Rhymes/Written by Dawn Matley-Maselli)

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Wow, that's really different. It would make for a good childrens nursery rhyme for sure! Cheers to honesty, friendship, and animals!