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Animal Right (A Caged Bird Sings A Sad Song)

I am a caged bird,
singing a song....so sad,
after I was caught in a trap,
set up by the man....so bad,
who keeps me as a pet,
causing me part with my family,
making my wife worry and feel sorry,
and resulting that my kids go to bed..so hungry.

One day, a misfortune came suddenly,
still vivid in my memory.
On that morning I woke up so early,
to catch the worms.....plenty.
After being caught in a net, my beautiful life became ugly.
My plan of raising a family gone nasty.
I am now living in misery.
The bird-catcher has a heart without mercy.
The bird-seller has a heart without sympathy.
The bird-buyer (my owner) has no heart at all,
I don't know what name he should be called.
Oh! I think of the one that suits him best...the jailer,
for I am an innocent jailbird or prisoner.
O, jailer, O jailer, your house is so grand like a palace,
You put me in a gold -gilded cage,
but they are not my taste.
Don't you know the vast sky is my territory,
without limit or boundary?
I fly high and freely.
But now I lose my liberty,
and my bird's dignity,
for which I did nothing wrong,
and yet you expect me to sing a lovely song.
For singing you a sweet song, I CANNOT,
cos I will be living in this cage until I ROT.

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