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Animal Right (A Dog Named Ah Pauk 'Cougar')

Ah Pauk was a stray dog,
living in Dog Shelter almost rot.
One day a kind woman had him for adopt.
From a skinny, small, sick puppy to a big strong dog, he slowly grew,
To his owner he always accompanied and glued.
Then one day, while she was washing clothes at backyard during night,
there appeared an angry, hissing, deadly Cobra, ready to strike.
He rapidly charged the snake and started to bite,
banging, slamming violently until the snake weak and paralysed.
He came out as a winner,
but after 30 minutes, with froth in mouth, he had fallen.
He was bitten near the mouth corner.
He died in the arm of his owner,
who felt as if her own son lost.
She buried him at the backyard so as forget him not.

He was not a millionaire's pet.
He did not eat the food of the best.
He was not high-priced, exotic pedigree.
He was taken from stray dog shelter for free.
He was an ordinary indigenous dog,
but in chasing away the thief, he could not be stopped.
He was ugly and strong, not pampered nor cute,
but in attacking the burglar, he was brave and brute.

He taught us the meaning of loyalty.
In case of 'life or death 'emergency,
he paid back with his life without hesistancy.

He never was a betrayer,
who stabbed the back with a dagger.

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