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Animal Right (A Dog's Love For Life)

There came a news from India,
about Love without criteria,
given to an abandoned female infant,
without delay but in an instant,
without caring about whether she was high or low caste,
without caring about whether she was white or dark,
without caring about whether she was heathy or sick,
but with caring that she was a daughter of a bitch,
which rescued her out of maternal instinct,
caring and breast-feeding her without any fear or flinch.
The villagers discovered the human infant and mother dog,
and the childless couple took her to adopt.
They looked for the biological mother here and there,
but they found her nowhere.
Why the infant was abandoned they wondered.

Maybe she was born out of wedlock.
If so, that would send her family a big shock.
Then, to death, she would be shot,
to defend the family honour,
for which she must pay back with death in horror.
Maybe she was too young,
to become a good MUM,
for parenting and caring she knew nothing,
and she could not solve the problems her life would bring.
Maybe she was too poor to raise a child,
abandonment was the only choice done with a cry.
Maybe she had taken her own life,
in a terrible suicide.

The couple had shown to the world,
and told us all,
that a family with love-bond,
is much more strong,
than the family with blood-bond.

Meanwhile the dog would blame,
that abandoning the infant is inhumane,
that it would put on civilised human a big shame,
for producing a child after a promiscuous sex game,
who would die if nobody claimed.
The dog knows, for both animal and human, LOVE for LIFE is the same.
It should never wane.

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