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Animal Right (A Dog Was Shot For Loyalty.)

I am a dog,
with a beautiful name...Bob,
looking after my master's house round the clock,
barking away the thief day and night,
as a duty all my life,
greeting my master with a wagging tail,
doing it happily almost every day.
He would throw me a meatless bone,
when he was at home.
At night, I was on a regular beat around the house compound,
so that his family could sleep safe and sound.
I played with his kids throwing frisbee,
jumping high and catching it in the mouth with a glee,
so happy, so care-free.

Now I am from waist-down, totally paralysed,
due to injury sustained in that fateful night.
My master's wife and kids were away to her mum's home.
He became so boring, staying home alone.
Then he came home with a woman, who, to me, was unknown.
I bit her in the leg, my teeth sinking to the tibia bone.
The woman screamed in pain the shit out of the midnight.
I didn't let go, biting with all my might.
The night was so dark without moon light.
My master so drunk, his slurred talk, I couldn't recognize.
He stinked so strong with alcohol,
overwhelmingly numbed my sense of smell at all.
He drew the gun, shot and shouted ' You, son of bitch.'
The bullet missed my heart but my spinal cord was hit.
The neighbors were awakened and came to the scene.
They were in disbelief of what they had seen.
I was lying unmovable in a bloody pool.
He was taken to the police station according to law and rule.
She was taken to hospital for cleaning and dressing of wound.
He knew, in the horizon, the domestic war was going to be loomed.
The family happiness was going to be doomed.
For my master's wife, I made a condition so embarrassed.
I would prefer to be dead so that my dilemma could no longer last.

I know I was born to be loyal,
to any master,
whether he is a beggar,
or even a leper,
but not like you, a betrayer.

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Maya Angelou

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This is a beautiful poem U Win Kyi You win the keys to many hearts