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Animal Right (A Fat Pig's Lament About Old Proverbs)

The owner gave us the more feed,
the more we did eat,
the more the pigs grew big,
then he gained a huge profit,
buying his wife an expensive gift,
paying the surgeon for a beautiful face-lift,
As the pork price reached to a record high,
so what she asked he could not deny.
Extra pounds of fat in her waist-line hanging loose,
by liposuction, it was removed.
In his eye, she looked so beautiful and slim,
he was happy with a wide grin.

Then he gave us more and more food,
to our heath, actually it was no good,
our getting fat, fatter and fattest elevated him to a happy mood,
because the fattest pig was beautiful in his eye,
as the profit money became a big pile.

That was when the animal-feeds was cheap,
we ate much much more than our need,
causing us too much obese,
earning him a profit in a high heap.

Now the feeds are too expensive,
To a record low, the pork price dips,
The more we eat, the more he loses the money,
causing him sad and unhappy,
and his face with a frown,
for which we do nothing wrong,
He often breathes a deep sigh with a heave,
So to the slaughter house he arranges us to leave,
' For a woman, she must be slim.For a pig, it must be fat.'
It is his double standard.
The proverb says ' Beauty is in the eye of beholder.'
So true, it depends that you look from what angle.
'Live to eat, Eat to live.' is a big lie,
For us, it is 'Eat to die, Not eat and yet have to die.'

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