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Animal Right (A Fat Pig's Lament Over Abusive Owner.)

I am a pig,
growing fat and big.
I eat and eat,
I sleep and sleep.
For working hard, I don't care a bit.
I know, one day I will be sent to a slaughter house,
transforming me into ham, bacon and sausage in packed boxes,
earning my owner a big profit,
flourishing his pig farm biz.

To my owner I am useful from head to tail,
benefiting him in many ways.
As a manure, even my excretion would play.
Sometimes unfair and vulgar things he would say.

When his worker did something......so dumb,
he shouted ' pig head ' and my heart sunk.
When his worker was lazy, he shouted 'You, like a pig...so lazy.'
causing my heart feel...so heavy.
When his worker ate too much, he yelled ' You, like a pig, slurp.'
making my feeling......so hurt.
When other pig farmer did something marvellous,
he felt uneasy and jealous,
saying he would believe only when a pig flies,
making my heart cries.

My owner is abusing the pig's right,
torturing us verbally and mentally day and night,
but I care not in the least,
as I was born eat and eat,
sleep and sleep,
happily indeed,
in a total 'ignore ',
and a loud, loud snore.

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Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Kwon Yin... and a billion others say God designed pigs, not for murder but for a happy journey on the road back to love
lovely poem, u win. keep on.